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If your life has changed, your insurance needs to change

If your family has changed

Has the number of people you are taking care of changed?  Has anyone in your family married or divorced?  Have babies been born? Have grown children moved away?  Have relatives moved in?  Is anyone new depending on you? Insurance protects the people who depend on you, in case something happens to you.   

If your assets have changed

Has your house changed?  Have you added a deck or bedroom? Have you remodeled the basement? Have you replaced your furnace or your roof? Have you purchased new kitchen appliances? Have you moved? Have you paid off a mortgage?

Have your valuables changed?  Have you purchased any jewelry, art, or collectibles? Have you bought any guns? Have you sold or given away valuables that no longer need insurance protection? Have you received any large gifts of money or valuables?

If state laws have changed

Have insurance laws changed?   

As of June 2010, all drivers in Wisconsin are required to carry auto insurance, both liability coverage and uninsured / underinsured coverage.  The minimum amount of coverage drivers are required to carry was also raised.  Learn more about these changes and others here.

If your vehicles have changed

Have you added any vehicles to your household?   

A car, motorcycle, a snowmobile, Jet Ski, tractor, or motor home?  It is important to add insurance protection for motorized vehicles that could cause injury in an accident.  Likewise, if you have let go of any vehicles, you might be carrying more insurance than you need.

If the drivers in your family have changed

Has someone in your house has begun to drive?   

Did any of your kids get a driver’s license?  Did your spouse recently get a license?  Has anyone decided to give up driving?  Insurance provides financial security in case anyone is involved in an accident results in personal injury or property damage.

If your ability to take care of yourself and your family has changed

Has anyone’s job changed?  Has anyone in the family taken a new job or left a job?  Have you started up a new business or purchased a business?  Does anyone have to drive more miles to work now, or fewer miles?  Has someone taken on a new job that involves lifting or climbing or driving heavy machinery?  Whenever someone has moved from a dangerous job to one that is less risky — or vice versa — your family’s insurance needs change.  

Has anyone’s health changed?  Have any members of your family stopped smoking or drinking?  Has anyone lost weight or brought down his cholesterol?  Has anyone taken up a risky hobby, such as rock climbing or skiing?  Has anyone suffered a major illness or been disabled?  Whenever the changes in a family member’s life mean that their health care costs are likely to rise (or fall), insurance needs change.  If changes to your health will make it more likely that you will be incapacitated or less able to provide for your family, your insurance needs change.

If your agent hasn’t reviewed your policy with you within the last two years

Most people do not carefully read their policies, until they need to make a claim. That is not a good time to find out that your policy doesn’t protect you for a particular type of loss! If you have never read your policy, or if you haven’t reviewed it with your agent lately, now is the time.  Don’t wait until disaster strikes. 

Are you getting the best combination of price + coverage + service?  Your insurance policies might not protect you as completely as you think they do. Meet with your agent to find out if you have enough protection or if you are paying for something you don’t need.

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Do you have enough insurance?  

Are you paying for more than you need?  

Something I appreciate about Dennis Bertz is that he knows how insurance works and how to manage risk. If I have a question about whether to report a claim, he offers sensible advice. I don’t think there’s anyone in Madison who knows more about insurance than Dennis Bertz does. I wholeheartedly recommend Affordable Family Insurance.

Vicky Jones